Small Group

Our small groups meet weekly in trimesters. Most groups are currently taking a break during the Christmas season. They will kick off again the week of January 9th. 

What better place to connect and encourage other believers than in the comfort of a home. We believe the heart of a church is in the relationships you build there. If you desire to be better connected to Impact then small groups are the place to do it. You'll meet people, build relationships, and find other believers to share life with. We call our small groups - House Church - because that is the goal for how they function.

The goal of small groups is to strengthen your walk with Jesus by applying scripture to life together. Show up and share at your own pace. Some of our groups eat a meal together, others do snacks, and others simply coffee. Email or find the facilitator's email below.

Our groups start in early Sept and then break for the holidays. They kick off again in January and take a break for a couple weeks over Spring Break. The last semester begins early April and groups usually break for the summer.

Find a List of Groups Meeting For The Summer Below

This Summer


Men's Group 8p Thurs night

Until we deal with the root issues, none of us can step into the things God has called us to.

“The eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room when it comes to the church worldwide and its ability to deliver social justice will be directly related to its ability to effectively evangelize, equip, disciple, and deploy men to reach other men…99% of the energy, investment, and activism is spent on the reaction side to broken male culture with no attempt on anyone’s part to actually go after the man himself. That is why we need a church-church movement to help men get into relationship with God, get healthy as a man, get strong as a believer, and get going into his community.” 

 - Kenny Luck, Sleeping Giant

Leaders: Jason Bilbro & Greg Sitzes

Location: 1307 N Farmington Dr, Ozark, MO 65721