Church should be a place that equips:

  • You to identify your design, gifts, and talents
  • Husbands and wives with conflict resolution skills
  • Parents with wisdom to train their children
  • Employees and business owners to find fulfillment in the workplace
  • People to share life in meaningful relationships

don't let another day go by:

  • That you are exhausted and running on fumes
  • That others are missing out on the 'real' you
  • That you are missing out on tapping into what you were created for

there's hope - even when it doesn't feel like it...

As a pastor and counselor I've heard a lot of unique stories where people have felt stuck in their situation. If you identify with the same feeling, I know the negative shadow it can cast over life.

Our experience and education have put us in touch with some incredible people and resources using the church to connect people to a living God through Jesus.

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